Read feedback we've had from previous clients:

“Tara was referred to us by a friend and from the minute we met her she made us feel as we were her number one priority. She mapped out a plan, referred us to an amazing audiologist, met with his teachers, taught them how to use and FM and most of all loved my child. Tara is not only an amazing professional, she is even more special person. She loves all her kids like her own and does many things above and beyond what is expected of a speech professional ie., halloween parties, parent coaching, teacher intervention etc”

Keri and Guido

“I can tell you that after the first two sessions we were hooked. She has this innate ability to make speech therapy fun for the child and parent. She is not only a speech therapist, she is a mentor, coach, teacher, and psychologist to my family. She has such high expectations for all her children and she transcends that to all people dealing with my child”

Eileen and Jay

“She is an extraordinarily talented speech therapist who always uses her skills creatively and knows how to adapt to each child’s unique needs and push them to the next level to meet their potential. She brings her enthusiastic and caring personality and understanding of how to engage children together to make speech therapy a fun and productive experience for kids. Her knowledge of resources and technology have been helpful and she is able to work effectively with other professionals/school personnel/parents. Tara has an innate ability to always hone in on an issue, however subtle, and develop a plan to address whatever deficits may be present. Perhaps most importantly, she is truly dedicated to the kids she works with – she really respects and considers the whole child, not being mindful only of their hearing or language needs. Our family owes a great deal of thanks for the support and dedication she has offered us and our son has been successful in a mainstream school due to her help.”


“Just a quick note from us to say its time we enter you into the Speech Therapist Hall of Fame! Harrison went through an intensive ST CPSE evaluation today and over 90mins of testing did amazing, answering questions and performing tests I have never seen him do before. The ST turned to me at the end and said Harrison tested at the level of a 7 year old! I credit your wonderful work, dedication and love for your craft to our little boys development and just wanted you to know we are incredibly thankful for having you in our world. Thanks so much Amanda, we truly appreciate all that you do.”

Mark and Maria

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