Speech and Language Therapy

We provide speech and language services for many weaknesses and disorders. Below you can read how we support the social/emotional development of your child while we work towards their speech and language goals.  

Our Littlest Listening Partners  (Ages 0-3 years old)

Our speech therapists work together with the parents to create a nurturing, supportive environment for the little ones. Our number one focus is to work closely with the families and address their needs and the needs of the child to develop a plan that is individualized to them. Working collaboratively with the parents and families is an integral component and fosters growth and development in all daily aspects of the child’s world. Our Listening Partners are specialized in all areas of speech and language development addressing the unique needs of our “little” listening partners, including but not limited to hearing loss, autism, expressive, receptive language disorders, and  speech sound disorders

Our Listening Preschool Partners (Ages 3-5 years old)

Our speech therapists work with the parents/caregivers, teachers, and all support staff for our preschoolers. Supporting the child, along with all team members is our goal.  Our 3-year old’s work on speech and language goals with an emphasis on pragmatic skills.  This time of a little one's development is about exploration with words, sounds, and play skills and we find ways to target all within a session.  Our therapists are creative, fun, and sometimes silly and love to make purposeful mistakes, all with clear expectations.  We teach children through speech and language that we try our best, but we all make mistakes and it is okay.  For our 4.5-5-year old’s, we love to use age-appropriate curriculum and vocabulary as we target their speech and language goals. Our 5-year old’s work on K readiness skills to achieve speech and language goals.            

Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary is our motto here.

Our Bigger Listening Partners (Ages 5+ years old)

Our speech therapists work with families and all support staff, when applicable. Goals and treatment are individualized to your child's needs.  All children should feel supported and successful, which is clearly stated for all your Listening Partners to adhere to.   A listening partner will listen to your concerns and suggest the best course of action. Informal evaluations can be completed at the onset of therapy or a more formalized testing protocol can be completed. 


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