Hearing Services

Our teachers are certified to work with children birth to 21 and possess a unique set of skills that allows them to fully understand the needs of our children who are deaf and hard of hearing. We take pride in our team approach and work closely with all related service providers, regular/special education teachers, case managers, and parents. We are proud to offer our services in a variety of settings through early intervention, preschool, and school-aged services.


Our providers practice a family-first approach, allowing them to create a supportive and collaborative team dedicated to the success and development of each child. Parents, siblings, and caregivers are invited to join each session where they learn and have opportunities to practice individualized therapy strategies. Our families learn how to and are supported in integrating these strategies into their daily routines to support their child’s continued listening and language development. 


We are able to support our children and families as they transition from the Early Intervention Program into preschool services. We work with our children to continue to build upon their listening and language skills while integrating their specific goals in relation to their auditory, linguistic, social, self-advocacy, literacy, and transition needs. We build upon the support provided to your child and family and in turn work with their teachers to ensure that the high bar we set as babies continues to be the goal for all.


Our providers work to ensure that their students have equal access to their education and are learning in the best possible acoustic environment.  They are knowledgeable about the most up-to-date technologies, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHAs, FM systems to mention a few.

Our Hearing Service Providers work to:

  • Build self-advocacy skills in and out of the classroom
  • Help students learn and understand their hearing assistive technology (HAT)
  • Educate classroom teachers and other professionals working with the student
  • Ensure that the classroom environment is conducive for a child with a hearing loss
  • Appropriately differentiate classroom materials and lessons
  • Work with students to cover any missed or misunderstood material through preview and review strategies

We cherish the long-standing relationships made with families and schools as we support your child's journey. 

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